We were mainly inspired by La Provence situated in the South East coast of France which extends from the left bank of the lower Rhône River on the west to the Italian border on the east, and is bordered by the Alps on the north and the Mediterranean Sea on the south. While some of the emblematic icons of Provence - the lavender fields or the Mont Saint Vincent so often painted by Cézanne - are or seem specifically attached to this region, others including the olive trees, the dry rocky coastline with its scented stunted pine trees, the evening air filled with the chi-chi-chi of a thousand crickets, and even the villages and vineyards, are actually features that characterize large stretches of the Mediterranean coast and its hinterland.

We have worked hard on the idea of bringing you a piece of France right in the palm of your hands, we have placed some if not all the elements that will make you taste, feel, smell, hear, and see. We have focused that in each project we will bring you that feeling and emphasis on a certain sense if not all. Indulge all your senses in a province that is in every way a gateway from the fast paced life of the city. The province comprises of 84 Stand-alone villas, 68 Twin Houses and 202 Town Houses all overlooking a vast array of rare floras, trees, palms and Lavender Fields.
Inspired by the rural manor homes of the 1600s, French provincial homes are characterized by:
  • Balanced, symmetrical proportions.
  • Steep roofs, Tall second-story windows often with arched tops.
  • Brick exterior.
  • Porches with substantial balustrades are usually pretty simple, often arched, occasionally ornamented with side columns and some decorative masonry.
  • Chimneys are tall, rectangular, and slender
Surrounded by 6 October City main attractions and elite neighborhoods, Lavande is located right infront of El Gezeira Club and seconds away from Juhayna Square, Mall of Arabia and the upcoming Mall of Egypt.