"La Fontaine" is the French word for "The Fountain" which we used to name our Province as the main characteristic of our province we have found is that one of the relaxing sounds of nature is the tunes of water. Water has a singular power to stimulate the mind, primarily through sight and sound. Essential to life in landscape; water triggers the mind and concentrates meanings. Its surface reflects the landscape it nourishes, increasing this communication; the sound of water further augment meaning and reinforce the communication. The lapping wave, gurgling brook, thunder of waterfalls, splash of trout contribute to the power that water affords to mental images. The sight, sound, smell and feel of water on skin are stimuli that enrich a sensation of the place.
Natural, sustainable components: Contemporary architects recognize the human need for contact with nature, right down to what our homes are made of. Hence the popularity of bamboo floors, granite countertops and even "living" roofs made of green plants. Recycled and nontoxic materials: Countertops, roofing and flooring made of composite materials are hot, as are low-emission paints and carpeting. Natural light: Today’s houses often feature ample skylights and large windows to let the sun shine in.

Surrounded by the exceptional landmarks of New Cairo as it’s situated in the clubs area behind the American University in Cairo and with proximity to the new capital Cairo… La Fontaine Province is definitely the prime location you’re looking for